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Our Approach
We Deliver a Fully Personalized Approach Standing Back To Back in Cooperation with our Customers Building Long-Term Business Relationships

Our Approach is to Provide Best Possible Solutions to Our Customers Problems Satisfying them with Quality & Support Increasing.
Each project begins with defining your core business need. Then, we find the best way to satisfy it.
Nowadays, just delivering software is not enough. We know that our clients need technological expertise, creative guidance, and design capabilities.

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How We work

We document all the requirements up front and typically plan the work as we go – using an agile framework, we work in two-week sprints, agreeing with you what we will deliver during a planning session at the beginning of each sprint. At the end of each sprint, we review the working software with you to ensure it meets your requirements

Who We Are

Recreate is a high-end full-service web solution company from Pakistan. Established in 2013, we are pioneers in providing superior world standard web-based solutions for small to large scale businesses - offshore and local. Quality deliverables and customer satisfaction are not simply a result of our technological prowess.

How We Do It

That’s why our UX engineers and UI designers rely so much on continual feedback. We move from paper prototypes to low fidelity mock-ups before we start coding to ensure that the look and feel is exactly what you require. During development, early and frequent software releases means you get to see progress on a regular basis.

Why Choose Re | Create:
We Adapt to the Client’s Business Goals and Needs

We understand that your needs are unique and your website should be too. At Re | Create, we work with you to understand the requirements of your business to create a functional site that performs for you

We Deliver our Solutions within Your Timeframe

We know the importance of time and money, which is why we get the job done quickly within your budget. Re | Create offers different project models such as fixed price, time and material, or mixed model, so you can choose.

Our Goal - To Help you Increase your Customer-Base

Our goal is to create architecture and design which is so effective that users really enjoy using your solution and will come back to use it time and time again. Increasingly, mobile is a key channel to market.

We Offer End-to-End Services

At Re | Create, we know the power of customization and work with you to create the website of your dreams to optimize your business. We have successfully completed over 101 projects in the last 4 years


Our Technical Expertise:

Our Technical Expert Team and Field Application Engineers have a strong focus on providing the best field application Software Craftsmanship' is our collective goal, and we focus on setting ourselves very high standards in the projects we work with.
  • PHP Expertise
  • MySQL Expertise
  • Frameworks and Templates
  • PHP Related Technologies
  • Development with PHP 4, PHP 5, PHP
  • HTML/CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Prototype, Backbone.js, REST API, etc
  • Including MySQL 4, MySQL 5, MySQL cluster, MySQL secure connection, ORM, PDO
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